Least Terns Ct. Coast

I have been traveling to the Ct. shore the past few weeks to photograph shore birds. I found that I was a little late to get the Piping Plover tiny chicks. The Least Terns and […]

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Eastern Screech Owl

I was on the North Shore of Mass about a month ago looking for Snowy Owls again. I made a stop in at the Audubon Visitor Center and they told me a location where a […]

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Frosty Autum Morning

I had gotten into one of my favorite swamps before daylight one morning last fall. My objective was to get some black ducks or mallards in flight in the early morning light. No ducks, but […]

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Eastern Bluebird

About a month ago I was in one of my favorite fields and noticed a flock of about a dozen blue birds working around the field. I setup right behind my vehicle, stayed still and […]

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Snowy Owl

Snowy Owl taken on the North Shore of Mass.

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Mute Swans Landing

This image of a pair of landing mute swans was made on Milford Point in Conn.

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